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Sara Kristina

Sara Kristina


Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


5' 6"

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Say hello to Sara Kristina, our gorgeous new neighbor from the North. Tall and slim, with dark hair and bluish-green eyes, Sara comes to us from snowy Canada, where she works as a model and bartender. “I grew up in Winnipeg,” she says. “That’s in Manitoba, Canada. It’s a nice place to grow up, but then there’s the winter! Minus 50 degrees Celsius is never fun for anyone, so for my next move, I’m going somewhere nice and hot!” Sara Kristina grew up in a classically nuclear family – mom and dad, brother and pets – and she’s herself the proud mother of two cats. When asked what kind of animal she’d be, Sara responds that she’d definitely be a feline. “Probably because I’m always grooming myself,” she jokes. “I’d trade lives with them if I could and play all day!” Sara Kristina is new to the world of modeling – she’s been a promotional model, and she’s graced a few calendars back in Canada – and with Playboy, she’s hitting the ground running. “For me, it all started with The Girls Next Door,” says Sara. “It showed me how much fun Playboy could be. Posing nude was intimidating at first, but knowing it was for Playboy, I was comfortable with my first time.” Now that she’s a Playboy model, Sara Kristina hopes to show you much, much more – her dream is to become a Playmate, and she’s giving it everything she’s got. “Growing up, I didn’t have the luxury of traveling, so now that I’m older, I’m always planning trips and new adventures,” she says. Getting flown to Whistler, British Columbia for her first Playboy pictorial is Sara’s latest, greatest adventure – let’s all welcome this cute Canadian into the fold.