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Sarah Mollica

Sarah Mollica


Fresno, CA

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Sarah Mollica is down to earth, silly, talented, and beautiful. “I like to think I’m really funny,” she laughs. “I’m [also] really weird.” Coming to Playboy Plus from Fresno, California, this lovely brunette model is excited to be featured here on Playboy Plus. We first caught sight of Sarah through her photographer, Emmy Pickett and knew she would be a great fit. “I discovered Playboy when I was young [through] my dad’s collection,” she tells us. “Now, I’m in it! I feel so happy to be a part of it. The Playboy brand shows fun, confident, [and] open women!” When she’s not modeling, you can find Sarah hanging out with her cats or indulging — she loves to eat delicious food and cook. “Something people wouldn’t know about me at first glance is I’m obsessed with cats,” she laughs. “What do I enjoy doing in my spare time? Eating good food! My guilty pleasure is getting every snack possible and eating them all at once. It’s my favorite because I crave so many flavors!” Want to get to know Sarah better? Make sure to check out her pictorials right here on Playboy Plus!