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Sarah Pipkin

Sarah Pipkin


Katy Texas United States


5' 4"

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“I had never taken nude shots before,” admits Sarah Pipkin after completing her first Playboy shoot. Looking at her photos, no one would have ever guessed that the all-natural blonde was a novice at being a nude model. “I do like to wear lingerie to tease and work my way out of it,” says voluptuous Miss Pipkin. “I’m great at teasing and then giving the guy exactly what he wants.” The Texan model describes herself as outgoing and very confident—and when she’s at a college event, she becomes the life of the party. “I went to a party one time and ended up making out with three other girls,” laughs Sarah with her green eyes sparkling. Is there anything wild Miss Pipkin hasn’t done that she would love to try? “I’ve always been interested in costumes, but never tried it before. Since I’m from Texas, we could do cowboy boots and a cowboy hat,” confesses the Playboy model. Sounds to us like the perfect Playboy photoshoot. To learn what else Sarah likes in a mate check out her interview featured in the members' area.


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