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Sarah Porchetta

Sarah Porchetta


Vancouver BC Canada


5' 8"

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Canadian sweetheart Sarah Porchetta is a business marketing major at Capilano College. While her college provides her with a stellar education, social gatherings on campus are noticeably absent. “Unfortunately, my school does not have dorms,” says the tall blonde. “The party scene is non-existent during the week because nobody lives on campus.” Don’t be too sad for the students of Capilano College because if the party won’t come to the wild coeds, the wild coeds will go to the party. “We make up for it on the weekends when everyone heads to the downtown clubs, or to a series of local bars,” says our voluptuous Coed of the Month for November 2007. “My talent is dancing—I can do anything from hip-hop to ballet to cheerleading!” Sarah is a woman of many talents like acting, which has landed her roles on television shows like Supernatural and Untold Stories of the ER. “Another talent I have: I can make a guy fall in love with me!” says Miss Porchetta. Now, that is a talent we can vouch for.


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