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Sascha Aleksander

Sascha Aleksander


Santa Monica CA United States


5' 8"

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Say Привет – that's Russian for 'hello' – to Cybergirl Sascha Aleksander. A golden blonde with blue eyes, this ravishing Russian was born and raised in the USSR – and like a matryoshka doll, there is a lot more to her than first meets the eye. “I’m a product of the New Russia,” says Sascha. “I was born when the Berlin Wall came down, and grew up in Moscow amid a rising sense of possibility and opportunity – when Communism gave way to the free market.” Moscow became a center of art and culture in the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Sascha spent her time in art museums – Van Gogh’s Les Alyscamps is one of her favorite paintings. “Moscow is so much more than the capital,” she says, a little sentimentally. “It’s a vibrant city with beautiful architecture and fascinating people.” These days Sascha lives in Santa Monica, California, where she works as a contract model. And she does more than clothing and swimsuits – she considers herself a serious artist, and she only works on assignments that interest her. When she’s not shooting, she likes to go for dinner, drinks and an art show with the girls – or stay in and play Xbox with the guys. “Isn’t it every girl’s dream to pose for the world’s best gentlemen’s publication?” she muses. “I’ve earned credibility for working with such a well-recognized brand. A woman’s body is a work of art, and I’ve been given the opportunity to display it in a tasteful manner.” With such auspicious beginnings, it’s no wonder that she’s in demand – and in any market, there’s no competition. Sascha talks about hooking up with guys and girls in her Facetime interview.