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Scarlett Bloom

Scarlett Bloom
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“It is very important to me to be a ‘good’ person and treat other people with respect,” says Scarlett Bloom, an adult star, model, Playboy Creator, and fashion stylist from Chicago, Illinois. “I try to do everything with as much ethicality as possible.” A self-described old soul, Scarlett can’t pinpoint the exact moment she heard of Playboy but knew it would be on her list of goals. “Playboy has always been such a huge part of all media— I remember always seeing it referenced in my favorite movies, music videos, and tv shows,” she shares. “One of my major career goals was to work with Playboy in some capacity, and if someone told me at the beginning of this year that it would happen, I would not have believed them!” A true creative, Scarlett had a blast on set and made sure it was reflective of her artistry. “I have always gravitated toward clothing. Designing, sewing, and styling have made me feel very fulfilled as it’s something that comes naturally to me,” she says. “No other company has given me such creative freedom— having the opportunity to style my shoot meant the world to me!” When she’s not creating content or working, you can find Scarlett immersing herself in her surroundings. “I am such a pop-culture nerd,” she laughs. “When I have time, I like to go to music and art shows with friends. Everyone around me is creative, so that fosters an environment for productivity, idea exchange, and even collaboration.” Get to know more about Scarlett Bloom here on Playboy Plus!


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