Serria Tawan

Serria Tawan


Chicago IL USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

November 2002

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Serria Tawan is a real class act. Tall at 5’8”, with long braids and full, soft lips, Serria hails from Chicago, Illinois, home to some of America’s best-loved theaters. Soaking up all that culture had quite an effect on the young Miss Tawan – having earned a degree in finance, she became a securities broker, and found herself cultivating a certain flair for the dramatic. “I’m an actress, so I can pretend to be someone else,” she says. “Being a broker is acting – you just can’t win an Oscar for it!” Eager to start her acting career, Serria moved to Los Angeles, where she met another of our Playmates, a certain Daphnee Duplaix, on the set of TV series The Parkers. Before she knew it, she was at Studio West, shooting her very own centerfold as our Miss November 2002. “My true passion is to be a writer,” she told us in her original Playmate profile. “I keep a journal that I want to make into a book eventually.” Good to her word, in 2007 Serria joined forces with fellow Playmates Pennelope Jimenez and Deanna Brooks to publish The Bunny Book, a how-to guide for women based on their shared experiences as Playmates. “No longer will the girls next door have all the fun,” promises the book’s back cover – and though we may be biased, we think that Playmates know a thing or two about fun. When she’s not writing, Serria works as a dating consultant in Los Angeles, and as a recently married former Playmate, she’s got the know-how to back it up. “I’m not materialistic,” she says. “Variety is the spice of life for me. A good date for me is cooking dinner, sitting back on the couch and having a good time!”