Shae Marks

Shae Marks


New Orleans Louisiana USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1994

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Shae Marks likes to think big. Petite at 5’4”, she’s a bundle of contradictions – her thin frame belies a mane of thick, dark blonde hair and a pair of natural D-cup breasts. “I’m very insecure,” she claims, though her bold, beautiful Playmate portfolio says otherwise. “I’m real self-confident one-on-one. But if I’m in a place where I don’t know people, I won’t talk.” Originally from New Orleans, Shae was visiting friends in Houston when she met a talent scout for Playboy. “During a shoot, he asked if I wanted to send a photo to Playboy and have a go at the Centerfold,” she says. “Without much deliberation, I agreed.” Two weeks later, Shae tested for Playmate, and in short order was named Miss May 1994. “I’d never even been to LA, so that was one thing,” she gushes, “but I was going to stay at the Playboy Mansion!” In no time, Shae was a regular at the Mansion, not to mention a fan favorite. In less than half as many years, she appeared in over two dozen issues of newsstand Special Editions, and she’s had roles on Baywatch, Viper and Married…With Children. “My experience with Playboy opened up a world of possibilities,” says Shae. Among those possibilities were travel and love – she’s traveled to Hawaii and Denmark, and on the flight to her initial test shoot, Shae met a man who eventually became her husband. Though she claimed in her original Playmate File that she neither cooks, cleans nor does laundry, Shae thanked her mother for making her a strong, independent woman. Asked to sum up her life’s experience, Miss Marks knows just what to say. “The name of the game is fun,” she says wisely. “Whatever you do, enjoy it! I’ve certainly enjoyed my life!”