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Shawn Hektor

Shawn Hektor


Tampa FL USA


5' 8"

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July 2005

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CGOM Shawn Hektor grew up on seven acres of farm land in upstate New York, and she learned the meaning of hard work by watching her father tend to the grounds and the farm animals. “I grew up on a farm as a 4-H girl,” says blonde-haired Shawn. “Despite my appearance I know how to get real dirty.” Shawn’s career-driven attitude led her to leave her humble farm life behind and move somewhere hot, where a model with her talents could get noticed. “I just moved to Tampa and plan on staying there for a while,” says tall Shawn. “I'm looking forward to all the traveling and new experiences being thrown my way.” Her new experiences have been coming in full force. She’s started a singing career, has done some acting and she was voted Cybergirl of the Month for July 2005. “I’m excited for the day when people will say I knew Shawn when she was a Cybergirl!” says Miss Hektor. Shawn has now decided to trade in her birthday suit for a bikini as she takes on the bodybuilding world, and no matter what she wears, Shawn will always have our vote.