Sherlyn Chopra

  • Uploaded:
    November 06, 2014
  • Birthdate:
    February 11, 1984
  • Birthplace:
    Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
  • Height:
    5' 6"
  • Weight:
    105 lbs
  • Measurements:

Sherlyn Chopra needs no introduction. Born in Hyderabad, South India to an Iranian mother and Indian father, with sepia-brown eyes, brown hair and a wide-open mind, Sherlyn always knew she was destined for greatness. “My father, who was a doctor, always encouraged me to pursue higher education,” she explains. “However, after finishing college, I decided to take a break from academics, and was gradually drawn to show business in Mumbai.” The first-ever Indian actress to pose for Playboy, Sherlyn has certainly made a name for herself, and with leading roles in Rupesh Paul’s Kamasutra 3D and the upcoming Bad Girl, her star is on the rise. “Honestly, I was tired of playing safe,” purrs Sherlyn. “I don’t want to be told what to do. There came a time when the rebel within me urged me to do something bold – and what on earth could be bolder than Playboy?” Riding high on the resounding success of Kamasutra, Sherlyn plans to move to Hollywood to further pursue her acting career – and something tells us we haven’t seen the last of this sultry Bollywood beauty. “We cultivate love when we allow our most powerful selves to be known,” she says wisely. “If you are your most authentic self, then you have no competiton.” Trust us, Miss Chopra – there’s no competition.

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