Sherry Arnett

Sherry Arnett


St. Louis Missouri USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

January 1986

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Sherry Arnett grew up in a humble home in St. Charles, Missouri with her family and while she loved her upbringing, she needed to leave St. Charles for something bigger. Modeling opportunities in her hometown are greatly limited, so the busty brunette moved to nearby St. Louis where modeling agents flocked to her. “It’s not that I love modeling so much, but it opens up possibilities for a future I can really enjoy,” explains our Playmate of the Month. “I worry about my parents because they worry about me.” Miss Arnett’s parents believed that she was meant to be a pharmacist—a career she pursued at the University of Iowa where she was averaging a B in her courses. Her life was planned out for her –that was until Miss January 1986 met Playboy casting agents during our Girls of the Big Ten search. “I wasn't really interested in pharmacy, so at the end of my sophomore year, I went to St. Louis, walked into a modeling agency and asked if they could use me,” explains Sherry. “It’s a shame to work at a job you don’t enjoy if you have a choice—but if you have a choice, you should make the most of it.” The day she called her first modeling agency, her future moved far, far away from the quiet life of a pharmacist. Even though her subtle figure and baby-blues are making fans weak in the knees, her parents still aren’t completely on board with her budding modeling career. “Both of them have worked hard for long hours all their lives for what they have, and they can't quite understand how I can be paid good money for what doesn't appear to be hard work,” laughs Miss January 1986. “I don't know if my dad will ever get used to my being a model, but my mom's coming around. I think they'll both end up being very proud of me and my career.” We’re confident that Mom and Dad will be proud of Sherry’s modeling career soon enough.