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“I am a free spirit,” says Sisi Rose, an adult star and model. “I go with the flow. It’s both a positive and a negative, but it’s my favorite philosophy!” Originally from a small town in New York, Sisi currently lives in Miami, and we met through her photographer, Sebby Raw. “When I was younger, my mom loved Playboy,” says Sisi of when she first discovered the brand. “I’ve always thought it was iconic. I remember I was 21 and said, ‘In my life, I’d like to be associated with Playboy at some point.’ I feel like I manifested it!” Sisi has always been creative. “My passion? I am a great artist and can sing, but I’m so shy about it,” she laughs. “I feel like I’ve channeled it in other ways. Weirdly enough, I think my passion is traveling and creating content! I’m pretty passionate about sex and being performative and creative.” Sisi has been in the industry for a few years and holds four degrees. “Something people wouldn’t know about me is that I have four degrees: Psychology, philosophy, health science, and cognitive science. I may be a sex worker, but I have depth,” she says. As for what she loves most about her job, it’s living freely. “I love that it allows me to be financially free and flexible,” she says. “I’m able to actually live my life and have free time to do things I like to do!” Learn more about Sisi Rose through her pictorials here on Playboy Plus!


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