Budapest Hungary


5' 2"

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Say hello to Sophie, a model from Budapest, Hungary. Petite at 5’3”, with long, dark hair and green eyes, Sophie recently graduated from college, and now works as a model. “I’m a positive and cheerful person,” she says, by way of introduction. “In school, I was very popular—the girls hated me, and the boys admired me.” A lover of all things fashion-related, Sophie spends her free time reading magazines and practicing nail art. She’s an avid dancer, and takes regular jazz and ballet classes. “I’ve only just started modeling,” she explains. “Playboy found me—they contacted me through my agency and gave me the opportunity. I’ve always wanted to pose for Playboy, because I find the Playmates amazing.” At first, Sophie was a bit shy about posing nude, but an hour into her shoot, she was relaxed and posing like a pro. “I was extremely comfortable,” she says. “We shot on the shores of Lake Balaton—I have spent many holidays there, so I felt right at home.” In a man, Sophie is looking for someone adventurous, who loves to travel and try new things. “My ideal weekend would be full of long walks, sightseeing and street food,” she says dreamily. “My greatest guilty pleasure is eating! I love hamburgers and hot dogs.” If that gets your attention, you’ll love her other, even guiltier pleasure. “I like when things are unscripted, and I love a challenge,” says Sophie. “I’ve had sex in a car, in the bathroom at my friend’s house…and in the forest.” In the spirit of adventure, we’d say Sophie is on the right track.