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Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee


Llanelli, Wales

Playboy All Star of the month

June 2021


I like hanging out with my pets, looking around at real estate and cooking


It is magnificent out in Costa Rica


I’ve taken a recent liking in trading cryptocurrencies


Sophie's previous jobs include café worker and door-to-door saleswoman


Sophie won an Urban X Award and was nominated for 7 Adult Video News Awards

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Summer 2021 commences at Playboy Plus with Sophie Dee being selected as our June All Star. This model, entrepreneur and adult star hasn’t only made an incredible impact in the porn industry, but she’s a mesmerizing beauty to behold at any glance. A mere peek at her statuesque nude silhouette is proof why she’s inspired such a robust gif category on the Internet. But Dee doesn’t just star in movies and videos, she goes the extra mile by continually staying connected with her audience and creating content. This social media queen always makes her voice heard on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and remains a hot topic of discussion on countless Reddit threads. Let’s roll a back the curtain of mystique a little, shall we? And reveal Sophie’s up close and personal POV. Born in Wales, United Kingdom, Dee came from humble beginnings, “It’s a very small town with castles and sheep,” says Sophie of her birthplace. That natural environment fed another lifelong adoration for her. “I would say that animals are my passion,” says Dee. “I’ve just always felt close to them.” And how would she describe herself? “I am sweet, caring, and very to myself,” Sophie says about her personality. “People that know me know they are always going to get my real, authentic self — I have a kind soul.” Finally, she’s also an accomplished woman who prides herself in her success, “Something I am most proud of?” Sophie muses. “Coming to America with nothing and building financial wealth for myself.” In addition to her career as a sex worker, another boost in her professional career was her association with Playboy. Sophie first discovered the legendary bunny logo when she came to the U.S. “I was obsessed,” she laughs. “I always wanted to be in it and attend the events. It is the most iconic brand in my eyes.” While she says being naked on camera is daunting at first, Sophie always embraces the moment and end results. “How do I feel about posing nude? I enjoy it,” she reveals. “I can be super shy in the process of shooting the photos, but I am always excited when I see the outcome.” It’s evident Dee's gallery and pics only scratch the surface of who this amazing woman really is. She’s more than boobs and pretty feet. It doesn’t matter whether she’s in a bikini or not. Sophie Dee is a new brand of hot and sexy for a new age; a deep thinking, sensitively revealing mixture of beauty, ambition with a whole lot of business brawn thrown in.


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