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Stacie Marie

Stacie Marie


Indianapolis IN United States


5' 6"

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Stacie Marie is a strikingly attractive woman. With her deep-blue eyes and wild personality, she isn’t one to be missed. Stacie is now receiving more attention than ever before thanks to her Cybergirl of the Week for January 3, 2011 win. The Indianapolis native’s win has led to a boom in tips for this bartender, and guys are already asking the aspiring massage therapist when she’ll be taking customers. Stacie Marie loves to be girly by taking lavender scented bubble baths while sipping her favorite tea. Once a brunette and now a blonde, the ultra-feminine Stacie loves very masculine men. “Guys who play guitar, ride a motorcycle and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty are so sexy to me,” says Stacie. “I love bad boys!” For any bad boys out there looking to take sweet Stacie out on a date, don’t fret when it comes to planning it. Midwestern Stacie loves everything from dinner and a concert to watching her beloved Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys on game day.


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