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Stefaney Lewis

Stefaney Lewis


Palm Beach FL USA


5' 4"

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Blonde-haired Stefaney Lewis is a fulltime bartender who has finally been recognized for her work. “I am so flattered to be voted America's Sexiest Bartender for 2007 by Playboy,” admits green-eyed Miss Lewis. Bar patrons have been recognizing the busty Palm Beach native for quite some time. Stefaney was our Cybergirl of the Week for November 14, 2005 –and that title has definitely increased her tips. “Regulars would come up to me at the bar congratulating me and tell me they voted for me,” admits sexy Stefaney. “I was really surprised how many people recognized me.” Speaking of men recognizing her, Stefaney cannot resist a man in uniform. “I’m turned on even more so if they’re compassionate, intelligent and have rock-solid abs!” giggles self-proclaimed picky Stefaney. “I’m young and still exploring my interests. It’s important to me that I become a good wife and mother someday.” We know she’s going to make a man uniform very happy.