Long Beach, CA

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“I believe I have a good heart and good intentions — that’s my favorite thing about [myself],” says Steph, a model and clothing buyer from Long Beach, California. “It’s like a baby LA,” says Steph of her hometown, “I love how down to earth everyone is!” New to Playboy Plus, we first met Steph through her photographer, Cassandra Keyes. “My experience with Playboy thus far? From working with a female team to shooting in the dreamiest location, it’s been amazing!” For Steph, posing for Playboy was something she’s always wanted to do. “Being a part of Playboy makes me feel like I checked off something on my bucket list,” she says. “It’s a dream come true.” And posing nude, for Steph, is all about self-love. “I love it,” she smiles. “I grew up being bullied for my figure, so, in a way, I feel like I fell into it as a gift to myself.” When she’s not in front of the camera or finding the latest trends, Steph likes to kick back and relax. “I’m pretty chill and keep to myself most of the time,” she says. “I like hanging out with my animals, rewatching my favorite shows, and having a cold beer.” Get to know Steph better, right here on Playboy Plus.