Susie Scott

Susie Scott


San Diego California USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1983

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Coming to Playboy from the software industry is our all-natural Miss May 1983. Susie Scott is a Southern sweetheart who was born and raised in Alabama and currently calls Utah home. Having lived in states which place a high emphasis on conservatism, Susie’s decision to bare all and pose for Playboy wasn’t an easy one. “My parents are very religious. I come from Alabama, the second most religious state in the country. I live in Utah, which is the most religious state in the country. My parents belong to the Church of Christ, which is a fundamentalist church, akin to Southern Baptist,” explains our blonde Playmate of just how life changing the decision to pose truly was. “I am religious. All of my life, I was dictated to—dos and don'ts. But, I've met people who do things I was told not to do—people who are nice, who are worthy of respect. It was a revelation. I've changed my attitude. If you feel something is wrong and do it anyway, that's hypocritical. If you were against nudity and posed for Playboy, that would be wrong. But, to someone else, it's not a question of right or wrong. Is that clear? I don't feel that this is inconsistent.” We completely understood her dilemma and were thrilled to hear Susie had decided this was something worth pursuing—even if it meant shocking her parents with the news. “Months before the magazine was due to come out, the local TV stations had already called me for interviews. One TV reporter asked me what my family thought about my becoming a Playmate. I told him that at the beginning, I didn't tell my parents,” confesses a bashful Miss Scott. “Once it was official, I broke the news. They are now quite proud. And the attitude of the Utah people has been fantastic.” Who wouldn’t be proud of our Miss May 1983’s accomplishment? She’s an avid runner who runs four to five miles every day before breakfast—to say her toned body is a fantasy is an understatement. As for Susie, her fantasy is much more romantic than ours. “Most of my fantasies are very sensuous. I love being in love. I love loving. My goal is to have someday a monogamous marriage, with bright, beautiful children,” smiles our Playmate. Susie did achieve her dream in marrying a lawyer from Colorado who loves her to pieces, as do the Playboy fans. As for the children, the couple have nurtured and helped care for hundreds of Haitian orphans through their philanthropic work. Susie and her husband, Joe Krabacher have co-founded the Foundation for Worldwide Mercy and Sharing which provides for schools and orphanages in Haiti. Sounds to us like Susie Scott is definitely living out her fantasy and so are the kids.