Suzi Simpson

Suzi Simpson


Athens Greece


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

January 1992

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Suzi Simpson doesn’t always play by the rules. Born in a military hospital in Athens, Greece, Suzi was raised an army brat – she attended Catholic schools all over the United States, from Maine to Wisconsin to sunny Florida, before settling in California to become a model, actress and Playboy Playmate. “The nuns always saw things in black and white,” says Suzi, referring to the forces of her Catholic school habits. “I see the world as a place that’s made up of lots of shades of gray.” Suzi went to college for dental hygiene, and was a practicing hygienist when discovered by contributing photographer David Mecey. One thing led to another, and Suzi was named our Miss January 1992 – with her sandy blonde hair and plump 36D breasts, she went on to become one of the most popular Centerfolds of the 90’s. “I wanted to be a Playmate because I love being sexy,” she explains. “It’s a very fun and special part of being a complete woman – but it’s only a part!” Following in her mother’s footsteps, Suzi married her partner in crime, her own military man, the summer before she became a Playmate – and according to her, the newlyweds joined the Mile-High Club on the flight to their Hawaiian honeymoon. “I’ve always wanted just one person to be wild with,” says Suzi happily. “I guess that’s the difference between a hormonal young man and a woman. It turns out I’m the more uninhibited one.” When not shooting or auditioning, Suzi forgoes smoggy Los Angeles for the cool, clean air of a small southern California beach town, and lists peppermint ice cream, surfing and good sex as a few of her favorite things. An active model, she’s worked in Jamaica and Hawaii, and appeared in the films Men at Work and St. Elmo’s Fire. “Some people look at Playboy and say, ‘How can you compete?’” reflects Suzi. “I’ve heard that from lots of women. I say, forget competition – men look at women, and women look at men. What’s wrong with that?” Nothing, Miss Simpson – nothing at all.