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Talia Kristin

Talia Kristin


Yorba Linda CA United States


5' 1"

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Santiago Canyon College delivers its students a great education—in and out of the classroom. “Not surprising, but I learned guys like to take classes with the pretty girls,” laughs dark-haired Talia Kristin. “I notice men take courses in women’s studies and human sexuality.” The petite business marketing major received her first education in human sexuality when she was 10 years old and found her very first copy of Playboy. “When I turned 10, my grandmother took me to an antique store where there was an old edition of Playboy. I begged my grandma to buy it for me for my birthday,” says our voluptuous Coed of the Week for December 29, 2011. “She eventually bought. Ever since then, I always wanted to be in Playboy. It’s the best feeling to finally be in Playboy.” The pleasure is all ours, Talia.