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Tatum Troy

Tatum Troy


Houston TX USA


5' 4"

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Fashion merchandising major, Tatum Troy, isn’t the crazy party animal that many assume she is. The all-natural blonde attends Lone Star College in Texas, a community college where not many parties take place. “Unfortunately, I don’t have many party stories,” says green-eyed Tatum. “But, I’m more of a chill girl anyway who likes to hang out at home with friends.” Spending her nights at home has not only saved Miss Troy from hangovers and the next day walk-of-shame, but it has also allowed the busty model to exercise her creativity. “I make a lot of my own clothes and jewelry,” says our Coed of the Week for May 13, 2010. “Fashion makes you feel sexy and gives you a way to express your personality.” Tatum Troy makes us feel sexy.