Teri Peterson

Teri Peterson


Santa Monica CA USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

July 1980

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Teri Peterson isn’t a woman anyone could easily forget. With her flashy outfits and ever trendy accessories, Teri stands out of every crowd she finds herself in. “I really do enjoy creating my own fashions—a style that's different, my very own, and sort of a mixture of wild and conservative. I like looking somewhat bizarre, because I really don't care what people think,” explains the all-natural blonde from Santa Monica. “I admit it, I like to get into fads. But, I generally pick and choose—certain fads appeal to me, others don't.” With her long legs, blonde hair and naturally busty figure, Teri hoped her fashion sense would lead to catwalks around the globe, but before she stepped foot onto one of them, she needed to boost her portfolio. “I love being photographed, because it really gives me a chance to let myself go. Being shot in the nude was exciting. I enjoy expressing myself to the camera,” says our Miss July 1980. “I’d love to be become a successful high-fashion model in Paris and to someday have my own modeling agency.” It’s difficult to imagine that our Playmate of the Month was once so paralyzed with shyness that she hated being photographed for family portraits because she didn’t believe she was pretty enough to be there. “I've always been exceedingly shy. When I was younger, I didn't think I was good-looking; I was left out a lot, too, so I became somewhat withdrawn, you might say,” explains our Miss July 1980. “I'm gradually getting over it, though, but I still tend to be a bit shy when I meet people.” Nowadays, Teri’s shyness only comes to light when she finds herself in the presence of a man she’s attracted to. She may be beautiful and a Playmate, but she blushes a lovely shade of red when she meets a man who makes her fantasize about never leaving the confides of the bedroom. “Sex, for me, anyway, is almost an artistic expression created by two people. Of course, it helps if you’re in love. So far, I’ve been in love three times—once at 15, once at 18 and once at 20,” admits Teri. “I like to ‘fool around,’ so to speak, in exotic, unusual places. On the beach, for example, or anywhere it’s generally taboo. It’s a lot more exciting that way.” The former shy girl, Teri Peterson, has definitely come a long way.


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