Terri Kimball

Terri Kimball


Fort Myers Florida USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1964

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Working as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Chicago is our Miss May 1964, Terri Kimball, a raven-haired beauty who’s missing her hometown of Cape Cod. “I had dreamed about a trip home for such a long time that I sometimes couldn’t separate made-up memories from real ones. I’ve been saving regularly for college, and consequently don’t have much money left over. Finally, I was able to put away enough to make a trip East,” says our overjoyed Playmate of the Month. “I got to the airport on a Sunday morning, after working late the night before. I fell asleep just after the plane took off, and didn’t wake up until we reached Boston. I then caught a bus in Boston, and reached Hyannis three hours later.” Excited to see her Cherokee-Irish family, Terri admits she’s most looking forward to see her brothers. “We're so very close that telephoning and writing were just not enough—I finally had to get home to see them. The four of us grew up together in Hyannis, a small town on the south side of the Cape, and the fact that our parents are divorced probably made us even closer than we might have been otherwise,” says the freckle-faced New England sweetheart. “My brothers all got so big! My brothers were just children when I left—and young men when I returned. Biff, the oldest, who's eighteen and a diehard Playboy fan, was bowled over when he learned I was rooming in the Bunny Dormitory with Pamela Gordon, a former Playmate who is an all-time favorite of his. In fact, he told me he has Pamela's Playmate pose pasted inside his prep-school locker, and I promised to have Pam call him on his birthday. And when I told them I'd been chosen May Playmate, they were totally overwhelmed.” Easily the best sister in the world, our blue-eyed Miss May 1964 had a bounty of Playboy stories to share with her eager brothers who were dying to hear every detail over a traditional New England meal—well, sort of. “I'm allergic to seafood. I guess if I liked it a lot this would be a real tragedy, especially for a Cape Cod girl, but —fortunately for me—I'm not a fish fan anyway,” explains the all-natural, busty beauty as she flips her black-colored hair. “My middle brother Bruce and I are very similar. He’s a loner, like me. In fact, he and I could be two fingers on the same glove. We're both something of an enigma: rebels, possibly too independent for our own good, and yet sometimes we become quite dependent on others.” Learning to become more independent, Terri plans on traveling to places where she can indulge in her passion for food and music. “I’m planning a trip Europe. Maybe to Italy because Italian food is my favorite,” says Terri Kimball. Another bella ragazza who will surely be seduced by the country of love.


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