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Brittany and Brandi Kelly

Brittany and Brandi Kelly


Chicago Illinois USA


5' 8"

Playboy Muse of the month

July 2016

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They may be twins, but Brittany and Brandi Kelly are both totally one of a kind. Hailing from Chicago, the birthplace of Playboy magazine, the twins are a pair of up-and-coming models, whose bodies must be seen to be believed. “I’m older by seven minutes,” says Brittany proudly. “In high school, I was a nerd with a high GPA, and to be honest, I’m still that nerd.” Though the sisters are alike in many ways, Brandi’s more of a social butterfly. “I can seem like the boss, but really, I’m a big softy,” she explains. “I do whatever I want!” Smart, funny and unfailingly passionate, Brittany and Brandi do many things together, including posing for Playboy Plus and appearing on season 8 of MTV2’s Wild N' Out. Making Playboy history, they’re the first pair of twins ever to share the title of Cybergirl of the Month for July 2016. “We went to a casting in LA, and now we’re here,” says Brittany proudly. “This is an amazing opportunity, and it still feels unreal!” Brandi nods her head in unison. “The bunny is boss—to have that brand behind you is one big honor!” The pleasure’s all ours.