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Tiana Nicole

Tiana Nicole


Orange County California USA


5' 4"

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There’s a little something for everybody with Tiana Nicole, a glamour model from Orange, California. She’s all natural, with chestnut-brown hair, green eyes and a definite taste for adventure. “My ethnic background is all over the place,” she says. “On my mom’s side, I’m Hawaiian, Filipino, Puerto Rican and Portuguese, and on my dad’s I’m German, French, Spanish and Italian.” A model by profession, Tiana was sitting pretty when our casting director contacted her to shoot for Playboy TV. “I was invited to the annual Halloween party, and from there, I was booked for Playboy Plus,” she says. “Shooting with Holly was awesome. She’s easy to get along with and made me feel so comfortable on set. It felt more like fun than work!” When she’s not modeling, Tiana’s interests are as wide-ranging as her heritage. “I like to do all kinds of different things,” she says. “I’m outdoorsy, so I go for walks or hikes in the morning. I’m into painting and sculpture, and I’m learning woodburning. And oh, yeah – I sew my own clothes, too!” Tiana describes herself as laid-back, and her happy-go-lucky philosophy rubs off on the men in her life – but that said, she’s very adventurous, and expects the unexpected. “I get bored easily,” she says. “There’s nothing wrong with dinner, but I love it when a guy tries to surprise me. I’d take skydiving over dinner any day!” Needless to say, we’d jump at the chance - and out of a plane, too - for a date with Tiana Nicole.