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Tiffany Bastow

Tiffany Bastow


Houston TX USA


5' 6"

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Wild college parties on campus aren’t where you’ll find our all-natural Coed of the Week for September 22, 2005—she’ll be somewhere much more quaint and calm. “I'm pretty much a homebody. I only go out and party on special occasions,” admits Tiffany Bastow. “Most of the time I hang out with friends and go shopping.” Tiffany is a voluptuous brunette from Houston, TX who would rather throw on some sweats instead of stilettos any day of the week, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a fashionista in her own way. “I think I have incredible fashion sense,” says the business management major from the University of Houston. “I'm always putting together different outfits and love high-end, sexy clothes like Dolce & Gabbana.” Miss Bastow hopes to wear her latest sexy outfit out on a date—and she wants her date to be just as fashionable. “I look at a guy's smile and the way he dresses,” says Tiffany who pauses for a moment to think about what she truly needs in a man. “It's probably cliché to say, but a personality and a sense of humor matter to me. A guy's looks are secondary as long as he has a little class.”