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Trina Marie

Trina Marie


Modesto CA USA


5' 2"

Playboy Muse of the month

March 2008

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Cybergirl of the Month for March 2008 is petite California girl Trina Marie. Brown-haired Trina loves the attention she’s been receiving since posing for Playboy, but admits that she still isn’t very comfortable in front of the camera. "I laugh a lot when I pose because I feel like such a dork trying to be sexy,” says the tanned beauty. “I’m just there standing around naked in heels.” While Trina might feel dorky in front of the camera, the camera loves to highlight her sex appeal and her secret to feeling sexy –her stilettos. “I win people over with my charisma and killer smile,” says all-natural D-cup Trina. “To get their attention though I like to dress up in stilettos, a silky dress and big curls in my hair.” We think she’s sexy with or without her secret weapons.


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