Tyran Richard

Tyran Richard


Zachary LA USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

March 2007

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Meet Tyran Richard, our Miss March 2007. “That’s Ree-shard,” she says, a hint of a smile – and a Southern accent – playing on her lips. She’s tall – 5’8” – with honey-blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. She’s from Zachary, a small town just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “I’m a real Southern girl, and I’ve got strong morals,” she says. “I cook and clean, and I help my mother around the house.” She wouldn’t move in with her boyfriend of three years because he refused to give her an engagement ring – if that doesn’t tell you how strong-willed Tyran can be, her degree in criminal justice will. “I’m planning to go to law school,” she says. “I want to be a lawyer. Or a judge on Court TV.” She was a lingerie model for Shirley of Hollywood before she became a Playmate, and chances are you’ve seen her auto body in the pages of a Low Rider calendar. When she’s not working, Tyran hangs at home with her four dogs. She loves to cook – real Cajun food, like crab étouffée and dirty rice – and she loves a glass of white wine at the end of the day. She’s a Southern girl from top to bottom – and she has just about the nicest top and bottom you’ve ever laid eyes on.