Ulrika Ericsson

Ulrika Ericsson


Gävle Sweden N/A


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

November 1996

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From the Baltic Sea settlement of Gävle, Sweden comes Playmate Ulrika Ericsson. A honey blonde with green eyes and an alluring smile, Ulrika is related to Willy Lindstrom, hockey player for Canada’s Edmonton Oilers. During her childhood, she accompanied him on a tour of North America, including Graceland and Disneyland, developing a love and appreciation for American culture. “That was before they allowed visitors inside at Graceland,” she observes. Nowadays, Ulrika lives and works in Florida, where her career as a bikini model is flourishing. Becoming Playboy’s Miss November 1996 was icing on the cake – or, more appropriately, powdered sugar on her semlor.“You’re always meeting new people in this job,” she says. “It gives me freedom and lets me travel, and that’s what I need – but one day, I’ll have to try something else.” Our Nordic goddess makes a comparison to the live-fast, die-young mythology of the Vikings, joking that her good looks won’t last forever. Lucky for Ulrika, a Playmate is beautiful for all time. “I’m really a homebody, and I’d love to live on a farm,” she says wistfully. “Some old place, deep in the countryside, with someone I love to make everything perfect. Younger guys are okay, but I like older men better – they know what they’re doing.” Oh, the things you do to us, Miss Ericsson.