Valeria Lakhina

Valeria Lakhina


Stakhanov Ukraine


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

July 2018

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Meet the charming Playmate, Valeria Lakhina. Coming to Playboy Plus from Stakhanov, Ukraine, and now based in Moscow, Russia, this dazzling redhead will take your breath away. Equal parts stunning, smart and kind, Valeria — or Lera, as her friends call her— is a friendly soul. “[I’m] happy, thankful, a bit crazy and trusting,” she says to describe herself, “maybe too trusting sometimes!” Lera began modeling almost by accident at the age of 22 after she had completed her studies in children’s education and psychology — two of her main passions. “I was waitressing and got ‘discovered,’” she tells us with a little laugh. And ever since, she’s been working non-stop and trotting the globe, feeding her successful career and lust for life. When she’s not modeling, you can usually find Lera enjoying the little things in life. “Maybe a few years ago, I would have said, ‘going out,’ but now I just like to talk to people,” she explains. In fact, probably one of her favorite things to do is make friends with strangers. “I love having long conversations about human nature,” she says. Loving everything there is to know about the alluring, Valeria? Make sure to check out her spread as our Miss July 2018, right here on Playboy Plus!