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Vanessa Robbins

Vanessa Robbins


Portland OR USA


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

April 2011

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Cybergirl Vanessa Robbins is a true romantic at heart. The 5’4” all-natural brunette is sucker for foot rubs and sweets. “The way to my heart is with anything sweet and the ability to massage me perfectly,” says Vanessa. “My fantasy is having two really buff, hot and sexy men rub me down with massage oil while feeding me chocolate covered strawberries.” Not just any buff, hot and sexy men will do for this fantasy. “I love confidence, a good smile and someone that can make me laugh,” adds Miss Robbins. Cybergirl of the Month April 2011 loves romance, but she’s a free spirit who doesn’t take herself too seriously. “I’ve always been the class clown,” says Vanessa. “The funniest thing happened to me on set for Playboy during my first photo shoot! When I was posing I totally fell off my chair…it was so embarrassing!” The Parisian-born stunner even admits to doing a happy dance when she heard about her Cybergirl title. Just when you thought Miss Robbins couldn’t get any hotter, she does. Did we mention she has a twin sister? Vanessa talks strawberries, massages and the language of love in her Facetime interview.