Venice Kong

Venice Kong


St-Mary Jamaica


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

September 1985

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With a name like Venice Kong, the Jamaican beauty knew she was meant to work in the entertainment industry. However, that meant moving to the United States and Venice wasn’t prepared in the slightest for the Chicago weather. “I stayed in my apartment for one year. I wouldn't venture out. Chicago was too cold,” says the busty Jamaican. When she finally stepped out of her apartment, the all-natural brunette worked as a Playboy Bunny in the Windy City—a job that was easy for her to acquire since her mother and aunt were bunnies in Jamaica. Venice loved her job, but what she couldn’t get over—other than the weather—was the culture shock she experienced on a daily basis in America. “Every time I said something to someone, they would go, ‘what?’ because I had a very thick Jamaican accent,” says Miss Kong. Venice says she was just flabbergasted by how mean some of the Americans met could be, especially to a sweet girl from the islands who is used to everyone sharing a friendly hello with one another. “When I first went to Chicago, people would ask, ‘what are you?’ When I said Jamaican, they would say, ‘yes, but are you black, white, Chinese—what are you?’” recounts curly-haired Venice. “I just couldn't comprehend that, the prejudice between the races. Jamaicans aren't very prejudiced, because everybody is all mixed up—you know, half of this, half of that; blacks, Orientals, Indians, whites—and their motto is ‘out of many, one people.’” The model eventually moved to California and was happy to encounter a nicer crowd of people. The financial whiz was happy to secure herself a job at a local bank, but was saddened by customers who would dismiss her instantly because she’s a voluptuous beauty. “People come in and ask, ‘where's the guy who works here?' And then I start talking to them and they say, ‘wow, she knows what she's doing,’” says the Playmate. Miss Kong, at first, was annoyed by others judging her, but now, she feels complete vindication every time she proves someone wrong. “I like to have fun, but when I go into the bank, I'm Miss Conservative.” Miss Conservative who happens to also be Miss September 1985—who knew going to the bank could be so exciting?