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Veronica LaVery

Veronica LaVery


Sacramento CA USA


5' 8"

Playboy Muse of the month

June 2011

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Veronica LaVery is not like other girls. Born in Vrchlabi, a village in the Czech Republic, Veronica relocated to Sacramento, California at the age of seventeen. “My life in the Czech Republic was simple,” she reminisces. “It made me a humble person who appreciates the small things.” As for Veronica herself, she’s no small thing – with her chocolate-brown hair, blue eyes and candy coating of tattoos, she knew she was destined for something big. “I got the opportunity to pose for Playboy when I was twenty,” says Veronica. “Playboy is a huge name in the industry. I’ve done everything from high fashion to glamour, and even though I’m still more of a fashion model, I’m honored to be part of the Playboy family.” In June 2011, we decided to make that permanent, and gave Veronica the coveted title of Cybergirl of the Month. When she’s not in front of the camera, Veronica likes to keep busy – a fluent speaker of four languages, she describes herself as a ‘rebel with a brain’, and is happiest when not following the rules. “I’m a rockaholic at heart,” she says. “I used to sing in a punk band when I was sixteen.” When it comes to her social life, Veronica’s got that down pat, too. “Girl talk is always good,” she says. “I think guys are pretty easy to please!” Please and thank you, Miss LaVery. In her Facetime interview, Veronica talks about her goals, best and worst dates and her fans.