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Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci


Louisville KY United States


5' 6"

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All-American girl, Veronica Ricci, has always wanted to be part of the Playboy Plus brand and now that she’s here, she’s going to make as many wild memories as she possibly can. “I got to do a classic Americana photoshoot where I rode on an Indian motorcycle and got to run free in the desert with an American flag,” says the fiery redhead of Swedish, Russian, French and Italian descent. “It was so much fun. I’ve always had this fantasy of going to the desert and covering myself with sand and dirt—just getting dirty—and taking pictures of it. I’m really glad that I got the chance to do it with Playboy.” Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, the busty Amateur model calls herself a late bloomer and tells us she was painfully shy and awkward when she was in high school. However, as her body blossomed into the beautiful rose we see today, the fiery redhead became confident and bold. “The craziest place I definitely want to have sex one day would be in a moving jeep. The open air with the stars out and us just doing it in the jeep—I think that would be really hot,” admits Veronica. “I really want to do that. I like when guys are just themselves and don’t put on some crazy act. Just be yourself and be chill. Be relaxed and I’ll probably like you. Don’t be stupid though—read a book once in a while.” Read Veronica Ricci’s body language, right here on Playboy Plus.