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Victoria Winters

Victoria Winters


Blacksburg Virginia USA


5' 8"

Playboy Muse of the month

March 2013

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Vote for Victoria as Cybergirl of the Year 2014! Cybergirl Victoria Winters lives in Blacksburg, the up-and-coming high-tech capital of Virginia. Tall, blonde and fair, she’s blessed with a pair of clear blue eyes – not to mention a pair of natural breasts. A graduate of New River Community College, Victoria works in glassware maintenance at a tech laboratory in Blacksburg. “You could say that I wash the dishes,” she quips. “I’m from a small town called Riner,” she continues, “where there are more cows than people. Growing up in such a tight-knit community taught me compassion. I mean, you know almost everyone! Every October there’s a pumpkin festival – you take a hay ride to the pasture and pick a pumpkin, make crafts, get your face painted. There’s a corn maze and great homemade food.” Weekends find Victoria at the mall, shopping and gossiping with the girls over manicures. But like the saying goes, you can take the girl out of Riner, but you can’t take Riner out of the girl. Victoria’s a small-town girl, and she can ride a dirt bike, catch fish and knock ‘em back with the best of the boys. And speaking of boys, Victoria has a type. “Bad boy on the outside,” she says coyly, “and a mama’s boy on the inside. I like my doors opened for me.” Victoria was named Cybergirl of the Month in March 2013, and for her, there's no higher honor. “I decided I wanted to be a Playboy model when I saw Pam Anderson and Marilyn Monroe in the magazine,” says Victoria. “They are such beautiful women, and to be in the same magazine as them is an honor. Posing nude makes me feel beautiful. I just love the Mansion parties, and I get to work at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas.” Victoria is naughty, nice and everything in between in her Facetime interview.