Victoria Alynette Fuller

Victoria Alynette Fuller


Santa Barbara CA USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

January 1996

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There’s fine art, and then there’s Victoria Alynette Fuller. A tall, sculpted blonde with fairly classical proportions, Victoria was born in Santa Barbara, California, a beginning she remembers as less than auspicious. Since her parents divorced, the family moved ten times in as many years, which led Victoria to develop an interest in the arts. “Being alone helped to fuel my passion for art,” she says. “I made myself sit in my room and draw.” All of Victoria’s hard work paid off – she emerged from her teen years with a talent for drawing and painting, not to mention a body for modeling. “I’m inspired by the graphic punch of a Warhol Marilyn,” she says. “I love pop art because it makes the viewer question what’s real and what is fantasy.” Lucky for Playboy readers, Victoria’s no fantasy. As our Miss January 1996, Victoria lived her life as a Playmate to the absolute fullest, and terms her body of work “a retrospective of being a Playmate”. In fact, Hef loved her portraits so much that he acquired one of his own – so these days, Victoria’s work hangs at the Playboy Mansion with the likes of Picasso, Dali and Monet. In more recent years, you’ve seen Victoria on television – she’s appeared on several reality series, including The Amazing Race, and works as a nanny for fellow Playboy alum Kendra on her titular show. “Being a Playmate was just one of those things,” reflects Victoria. “Like winning the lottery. My goal is to make a huge impact as a female artist, and Playboy has been a good stepping stone for me!” Happy to help, Miss Fuller.