Budapest Hungary


5' 2"

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There’s a first time for everything, including nude modeling—just ask Vivien. Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary—a city teeming with glamour models, dancers and otherwise beautiful women—Vivien was a modest girl in school, but these days, she’s brimming with confidence. At a generous 34D, her cups definitely runneth over. “I’d describe myself as wild, fearless and sexy,” says busty Vivien. “For fun, I love to go to parties, shopping with my girlfriends and movies at the cinema.” Don’t mistake Vivien for the chick flick type—far from The Notebook, Viv’s favorite movies are action-packed blockbusters, and she doesn’t need anyone to hold her hand during the gory parts. “I have no guy friends, because they all want more from me than friendship,” she explains, shrugging her shoulders. “I only have gay friends.” We discovered Vivien at her local gym, where she spends hours perfecting her tight, toned physique. “I had just left the gym one day, and a photographer accosted me, asking if I wanted to try modeling,” remembers Vivien. “We exchanged phone numbers, and he called me a month later!” Vivien was a natural in front of the camera, and with a Playboy pictorial under her belt, she’s more than ready to see what comes next. “I believe all girls love to be in front of the camera, and see beautiful pictures of themselves,” says Vivien. “The first time, I was a bit embarrassed, but I soon lost my shyness!” When you’re as beautiful as Vivien, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.