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Wendy Culp

Wendy Culp


San Antonio TX USA


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

April 2003

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Blonde-haired Wendy Culp is a sweet-looking girl who can handle a lot of power –from military weapons to power drills, she’s got it all under control. Miss Culp served in the United States Army for three years and also built a house in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Now that she’s mastered guns and power tools, Wendy is currently taking her girl-next-door look to new heights by winning Cybergirl of the Month for April 2003. Her win wasn’t easy – after all, she was up against twins. “I mean isn't it every guy's fantasy to see two naked women together?” asks Wendy. “Being in front of the camera is so fun and exciting but I was so surprised.” However Playboy fans weren’t the least bit surprised by her win. “I talk to fans a lot in the chat area and they all said they like women who smile,” says Wendy with a grin. “And they love my nipples.” With a voluptuous body like Wendy Culp’s, it’s no wonder Playboy fans couldn’t get enough.


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