Whitney Kaine

Whitney Kaine


Ogden UT USA


5' 2"

Playmate of the month

September 1976

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Whitney Kaine was born in Ogden, Utah, but she fell in love with art and drawing growing up in California. “I'm hoping to earn a degree in fine arts from UCLA,” says the petite blonde. “If I could, I'd continue going to school for the rest of my life.” Whitney isn’t kidding. Her current course load includes classes in anthropology, dance, psychology and French and somehow, Whitney still finds the time to study, play tennis, classics like Mozart on the piano and draws somewhere in between it all. “I have three sisters and two brothers, and all but my youngest brother are excellent pianists. Same goes for tennis,” says our all-natural Playmate of the Month. “I want to be an occupational therapist and freelance artist.” Achieving her career goals doesn’t come without its baggage and for our Miss September 1976, her vital education came along with a hefty price tag that kept her awake at night. “Quite frankly, I don't really feel like a Playmate at all,” admits blonde-haired Whitney. “I mean, I'm not especially concerned with the glamour aspect of it, nor do I think of it as the high point of my career—but it is an interesting detour for me.” Even though our Playmate of the Month’s primary reason for posing for Playboy was to pay back her student loan with her prize winnings, Whitney admits that seeing how a Playboy photoshoot came together was a great experience for an art student. “Working with the photographers was fascinating to me, because, as an artist, I was really able to appreciate the creative elements of their craft. In a way, posing for Playboy has given me the chance to express myself in a new medium,” explains our Miss September 1976. Once her gatefold photo had been taken, Whitney was able to feel comfortable on set and the petite, sweet-faced blonde began to explain just how rebellious and outspoken she really is. “I think society is screwed up, the system is screwed up. We’re too concerned with achieving. We’re not really physical beings anymore. Just human robots. I hate social scenes, fraternities and sororities, ignorance, dishonesty, phoniness and the so-called inherent wisdom of my elders,” says our opinionated Playmate. “I don’t particularly like the sexual-freedom-movement dictum: doing it whenever, wherever and with whomever you like. Sex is not a game or an ego thing for me. It’s a powerful form of expression that should be taken seriously.” Wise words from Whitney Kaine.