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Yana West will inspire you. A model and artist, this gorgeous blonde comes to Playboy Plus all the way from Kiev, Ukraine — and trust us when we say she’s sure to have you feeling all warm and fuzzy in no time. We first met Yana through her photographer, Henrik Pfeifer and fell for her sparkling personality, dedication to her craft and beautiful looks. “My passion is my work,” she tells us proudly. With a long history of admiring Playboy, Yana tells us how she first encountered us from a family member's stash. “I found a magazine in my cousin’s room,” she tells us, giggling. Now, Yana is proud to be modeling for the brand. “My personal experience with Playboy thus far? I’ve liked it! I want [to do] more!” When she’s not modeling for us or trotting the globe for her job, you can usually find Yana painting or hanging out with her dog. “In my spare time, I draw pictures, sing in the shower, and walk with my dog,” she laughs. “My special talent is finding good moments in all developments.” If you’re loving everything this International model is about, stay tuned for her lovely pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!


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