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Yen Hoang

Yen Hoang


Bowie MD United States


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

April 2005

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April 2005’s Cybergirl of the Month is bringing some exotic flair to the spring month. Yen Hoang is a self-proclaimed nerd who’s been studying hard for exams. “I've been busy with school and am focusing on getting into a pharmacy program at the end of fall,” says Miss Hoang. Yen has been having a hard time focusing on her studies because her university’s library has been sparking some naughty interests for our CGOM. “My fantasy is to have sex in the school library,” says Yen with a giggle. Miss Hoang admits that even though she fantasizes about sex when she should be studying for her pharmaceutical exams, she’s still a good girl. “I’m a really ginormous super geek. I’m outgoing because I posed for Playboy but inside I’m the nerdiest person on earth,” she says. “I even snort when I laugh!” You won’t find Asian-American Yen hitting the clubs every weekend – rather than go out, dark-haired Yen likes to stay home and play on the internet or take bubble baths. For a man to get this homebody out of the house and out on a date, he needs to do one thing. “Talk nerdy to me,” says Yen.


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