Best of Playboy Muses 2018 Vol. 1

Get reacquainted with some of your favorite Playboy Muses of the Month from 2018 in this captivating first recap. You’ll see familiar faces like Maija Riika, Autumn Lynn, Mia Valentine, and many more. First up, we have the gorgeous, June Playboy Muse of the Month, Darah Kay. Dressed in a teal bikini on location in beautiful Mexico, the lovely brunette model makes her way towards the camera with a sweet and sultry smile on her face as she emerges from behind the palm trees. Itching to take a dip, Darah begins to reveal her all natural, lengthy figure you just can’t get enough of. “What makes me, ‘me’ is I love to have fun,” she tells us. “I have a bit of a modeling background, however, Playboy has been the best experience so far! My favorite part of my body is my hip area!” You’ll also catch some shots of the lovely, Muirina Fae — our Playboy Muse for February 2018. Absolutely irresistible and kind, Muirina radiates sweetness in all she does. Humble and beautiful, she actually didn’t expect to become one of our featured models. “When I found out I was going to be Muse of the Month, I was really surprised,” she laughs. “I consider myself to be very lucky to have had this opportunity!” Are you loving this compilation of our beautiful models from 2018? Make sure to stick around for the second volume, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

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