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Autumn Lynn

Autumn Lynn


Nashville Tennessee USA


5' 6"

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March 2018

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Autumn Lynn is a proud Washingtonian. Dark-haired and tan-skinned, with an irresistibly pearly smile, Autumn comes to us from Parkland, Washington State. “It’s outside of Seattle,” she says. “It’s exactly like you’ve heard—rain, rain and more rain—but it leads to some of the most magical greenery you’ll ever see. The Pacific Northwest is something you have to see for yourself!” By day, Autumn is a bikini barista—for the uninitiated, that’s like a regular barista, except in a bikini—and by night, she loves to go out with her friends, especially to see live music. “I love going out on the town and seeing local shows,” says Autumn. “I listen to all genres of music, but rock definitely prevails! I basically wake up, put on some music and go about my day.” Autumn’s had her eye on Playboy for quite some time—she got her start in print and promotional modeling, and slowly, she found herself drawn to our legendary brand. “I’ve been chasing the dream since I was eighteen,” she says. “I tried everything—casting calls, sending photos, even scouring message boards for an ‘in’. Then one day, I received a message from a photographer, Cassandra Keyes…she said she loved my look and wanted to submit me for Playboy!” Though she’d been disappointed in the past, Autumn held out hope, and when she was approved to shoot, she very nearly had a heart attack. “My story is still being written,” she says. “I’ve experienced a lot in my life, but with every trial and error, I’ve learned. Playboy celebrates the female body—I love how free it feels to be at one with myself!”