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Veronika Skylee

Veronika Skylee


Las Vegas Nevada USA


5' 6"

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October 2017

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Veronika Skylee is a determined blonde so when she hadn’t heard back from Playboy Plus after an audition, she was a little disappointed until another beautiful blonde told her not to give up on her dream. “I got in touch with Playboy and went to an audition about a year and a half ago. I hadn’t heard back from them in a while because Playboy looks for certain things at certain times and then I had photographer Cassandra Keyes reached out to me,” says the blue-eyed beauty. “She scouted me and told me she thought I would be good for Playboy Plus so I tried out again and this time, I got the call that I was approved! Yeah, it was awesome.” Coming to us from Las Vegas via Russia, Veronika is as intelligent as she is beautiful, but you won’t find her hitting the clubs on the Vegas Strip until the wee hours of the morning. “I live in Vegas so people always assume that a typical night out with my friends includes us always going out and partying which is totally not the case. I’m really chill and down-to-earth and I think it’s because I’m from Russia which makes me a little more grounded,” says the sweet European. “I’m currently enrolled in school at a local university in Las Vegas and I’m going for a medical degree.” From studying to making the men of Sin City lust after her, Veronika is a sexy sweetheart who cannot live without the simple things in life like the touch of a man, her makeup kit and her cat. “I also need green juice every morning because that’s a must for me,” says the vegetarian who credits her diet for giving her that extra boost of energy in the bedroom. “My biggest turn-on is foreplay. When my partner starts touching me in all the right places and starts to nibble my ear, it just makes it so much more desirable. It flips the switch for me and makes me go from ‘meh’ to ‘wow! I can’t get enough of you!’” If you’re lucky enough to hear Veronika Skylee say Khochu zanyat'sya s toboy lyubov'yu—Russian for ‘I want to make love to you’—count your blessings because you just hit the Sin City jackpot.