Mashup: Bombshells in Boots Vol. 3

Nothing completes a sexy outfit like a pair of tall boots, and these models are proof of it. For this week’s Mashup, we’re bringing you the third edition of our hottest Playboy Plus models in boots. First up, eat your heart out at Cierra Avalon, a model from San Diego, California. “I’m Italian, German, Swedish and Norwegian,” says Cierra of roots that influence her gorgeous look. Dressed in all black and tall red heels, Cierra begins to undress, showing us her figure. A personal trainer, it’s no wonder this lady’s body is totally perfect. “I love helping people change their lives, and I’m not interested in a 9-to-5. I want to work for myself and maintain my independence,” she says. After Cierra, get a good look at Canadian babe, Muirina Fae who sports a different look. Bringing out her inner flower child, Muirina is dressed in a floral romper, headband, and red cowboy boots as she undresses for the photographer, Cassandra Keyes in the tall grass.  "In reality, I'm quite shy,” she tells us of herself, "but as soon as a camera is around, I love showing off the many colorful sides to my personality!” Moving in such delight, Muirina actually used to be a professional dancer, which clearly explains the way she poses for the camera. "I started dancing at the age of six, but in some way’s I feel like I’ve always been a model.” If you’re loving these two gorgeous models, stick around for Sophia Rose, Veronika Skylee and Autumn Lynn, right here on Playboy Plus!

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